Emissions Test in Ogden, Utah

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The Importance of Emissions Testing

Having your car routinely maintenanced and taking it for a regular tune-up are extremely important to its performance. If you don’t keep up with the regular attention that your vehicle needs, you might run the risk of emitting toxic air pollutants. Make sure that your vehicle isn’t contributing to pollution in the beautiful Ogden, Utah, area by following all requirements put forth by the state of Utah related to emissions tests. Beyond keeping you up-to-date on your tests, it will also ensure that you are keeping up with the overall maintenance that is necessary for your car to perform at its best.
In Weber County, according to the Utah DMV, your vehicle is required to complete and pass an emissions test with the following frequency:

  • If your vehicle is under 6 years old, you must undergo emissions inspections every 2 years.
  • Even-numbered model years are tested during even-numbered years; odd-numbered model years are tested during odd-numbered years.

  • Your vehicle is 6 years old and older (up to model year 1967) must undergo annual emissions inspections prior to registration.

Testing by ASE Certified Technicians

It’s always important to have your emissions tested by a qualified repair facility that is dedicated to the performance of your vehicle. Because emissions testing is required, make sure that the results and repairs you need are completed by ASE Certified Technicians like the team at Automotive Maintenance Specialists. There are several factors about your vehicle’s upkeep that may cause you to fail your test, the most common of which include a leaking gas cap, dirty air filters, check engine light malfunctions, rich air-fuel mixture, catalytic converter damage, and more. Trust your vehicle to a dedicated team of professionals that are committed to a fair, honest, and thorough service. With our 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty to back our services, you can ensure that we’re the team to rely on with any of your automotive needs. If you don’t pass your emissions test, we’ll complete any necessary repairs to get you in passing condition in no time!

Schedule Your Emissions Test Today!

If you’re due for your routine emissions inspection, don’t delay in scheduling the service with our team of experts! We will fit you in with an appointment or a walk-in, and will ensure that you receive a prompt turnaround with your service. Having been in business since 2000, we know exactly what to expect for you and your vehicle with any and all repair or maintenance needs. You can bring your car to us for your emissions testing in Ogden, Utah, and leave it with us for any other repairs that may come up when we diagnose your vehicle. It’s easy and convenient to request your next appointment with our online scheduling form, or you can give us a ring at 801-627-4700 to speak with a qualified service member!