Check Engine Light in Ogden, Utah

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We’ll Diagnose Your Vehicle

As frustrating or bothersome as it might be to see your check engine light turn on, it’s actually a very important thing your vehicle needs in order to alert you of potential issues before they become more costly or even dangerous! The way your vehicle is designed to work, the mechanical components will be able to alert you with a complex series of sensors that are wired to various pieces of your engine. It will be sent to your diagnostic light as a code that our certified team of experts will read, diagnose, and clear once all necessary services are complete. Because our team is ASE Certified in all things automotive, we’ll be able to guide you on what your auto repair needs may be, down to the exact service that’s required, and will even inform you if it’s nothing to worry about at all. Bring your vehicle over to our Ogden, Utah, shop today for a scan!

Honest & Fair Services

Your vehicle relies on you to stay in good condition through routine maintenance, thorough diagnostics, and quality repairs. The check engine light is just one more way of keeping your car at top performance on the road! When that pesky little light comes on, be sure to notify our expert team at Automotive Maintenance Specialists, so that we can bring it in and offer accurate diagnostic services for your vehicle. Think of the warning light as a “symptom” and our qualified team of technicians are the doctors. We’ll find out what your vehicle needs to get back in healthy shape in no time! We pride ourselves on being an honest and fair team of professionals, who are dedicated to the safety and happiness of all our customers. Give us a call today at 801-627-4700 to seek our assistance, and we’ll make sure your car gets a clean bill of health!

Bring Us Your Check Engine Light Today!

In order to notify you when something has gone wrong under the hood, the warning light on your vehicle will light up or even start flashing. The moment it starts flashing, you need to bring your vehicle to our repair facility immediately, because you are risk of a major malfunction or breakdown. If the light comes on and doesn’t blink, you should still bring the car by as soon as you can to ensure there isn’t anything to be concerned about. We offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty on all of our services, so you can rest assured that we’ll diagnose and repair your vehicle with expertise! Providing automotive excellence since we first opened in 2000, you can trust in our team because we’ve seen almost every issue known to cars. Don’t delay in having your check engine light diagnosed – bring your vehicle today to 223 S. Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah!